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Our tips for ordering custom furniture for your own home.

There are so many important things to consider when buying a piece of furniture for your home, especially when choosing to customise.

Many of our Ranges that are locally manufactured can be customised to suit your home and taste. Our Sofa’s can also be customised with a wide range of Genuine Leather, Fabrics and various sizing options.

You’ll be able to view most of our current rages over on our website if you click here.

So what do you need to consider when choosing to customise a piece of furniture you’re interested in? Check out some of our tips below!

What is the purpose of the piece?

First and foremost, decide what purpose the piece of furniture is going to serve in your home. Will it be a practical or a statement piece? Will it be larger to seat more people or smaller to cater for a more intimate space?

Look around and observe the environment in which the piece will belong to. You are not simply purchasing a piece of furniture that you can return, you are ordering something unique to fit your space so planning and ensuring longevity will be of utmost importance.

Consider your lifestyle

It is important to coonsider your lifestyle when designing custom furniture. Do you have children or pets? You might design furniture that stands up to extra wear and tear. This will also affect the colour choice for your seating. Darker will look fresh for longer while lighter colours discolour much faster and are quicker to show age.

If you love entertaining and have many guests over often, consider investing in furniture that resists stains and spills. If clean lines and simple designs help you feel relaxed at home and bring more order to the chaos, choose custom furniture that will compliment your personal preferences and will cater to your specific lifestyle.

2021 Custom Furniture Trends

One of our favourite current 2021 trends in custom furniture is mixing and matching! Did you know that we offer Dining Chairs on purchase separately? Full ranges do not need to be purchased, this means you can have fun and mix and match your Dining Set!

A uniform look isn’t always desirable anymore – you can mix and match furniture, art styles, and colours to suit your desires.

Another big trend in custom furniture this year is the colour Sage Green.

Every year, a new colour phenomenon arrives and takes over the interior design industry. Pinterest and Instagram feeds in 2021 are filling up with the colour sage green. It’s said to have a calming effect that reflects the natural world – seems appropriate for all the craziness we were faced with in 2020!

Many sofas and chairs upholstered in sage green velvets, whole pieces of custom wood furniture and cabinetry painted sage green.

Visit us and lets build your dream piece

If you are looking for custom furniture get in touch with one of our Interior Designers today! Our team of Designers are always ready and excited to assist new customers and bring your design ideas and aspirations to life.

Visit our flagship store inside Menlyn Park Shopping Mall at Shop number 64 on the Upper Level or give us a call for more info on: (012) 362 2879


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